Hotspot issue is one of the real obstruction in the long run working of the Wireless sensor networks. The uneven energy depletion can decline the lifetime of the wireless sensor network. The solution to this problem has emerged in the form of the Mobile sink. The mobile sink visits the sensor nodes and collects data from them. But this technique is suffering from some issues which affects its performance. The major issue is the path selection for the Mobile sink. In our work we propose an algorithm that will effectively get rid of these issues. Our algorithm is based on the Rendezvous point (RP) in which the mobile sink visits all RPís and collects data from them. The node with most number of neighbors is selected as Rendezvous point and after that the selected RP and its neighboring nodes are removed from our set of nodes. Same procedure is applied to select further RPs. The algorithm is simulated thoroughly and the results are compared with some existing algorithms using numerous performance metrics.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Hotspot; Mobile sink; Rendezvous points; nearest neighbor;