The notion of emerging smart cities integrated with internet of things and clouds to make data and service available everywhere helps to create a boon artefact which makes human life very easy.. Regarding smart cities flow of data after its generation and it manipulation to get a desired result is most important. This need can be easily fulfilled by the use of Internet of Things with clouds to perform data generation and information exchange (DGIE). IoT for smart city may include new generation devices such as smart phones, GSM and various sensors along with the available web services such as Google Firebase in order to promote internet-as-a-service. Applications precisely focusing on smart parking system implemented with Internet Of Things (IoT) ,clouds and web services has been proposed in the paper. Further, the system is also designed to create an application for a-priori booking of parking slot to reduce the hassle at parking areas. In addition, a theoretical comparison is presented to show various systems against various metrics.

Keywords: Smart Parking, Raspberry pi, PIR motion sensor, cloud, web services, Internet of Things (IoT), Firebase, Twilio, Python, Android;