Fingerprint unique Hash code and template protection are the new technologies in biometric identification and verification system. Fingerprint hashing is the new technique which combines biometrics and cryptography. The modern study reveals that fingerprint is not so secured like secured passwords which consist of alphanumeric characters, number and special characters. Fingerprint Hash code acts as a key, which can uniquely identify every person. So it can be replaceable with user-id or username and can work along with text-based or picture based or pattern based passwords. In this paper, a fingerprint Hash code is generated using a novel Contrast Adjustment algorithm, modified segmentation algorithm, and Gabor filtering. The Hash code is generated from the extracted features of the grayscale fingerprint image using MD5 Algorithm. Fingerprint Hash code is not used for full security or authentication purpose but it can be combined with other security elements like password or OTP in order to enhance security. This study makes use of fingerprint Hash code as a unique key for human identification purpose.

Keywords- Fingerprint Hash code, Gabor Filtering, Contrast Adjustment algorithm, Segmentation, MD5 Algorithm.