The objective of this project is to develop a solution which allows the customization team to collect information in an efficient and organized manner. The data is stored in a centralized database which is accessed with a proper authentication mechanism. Customization data includes textual, tabular and graphic data which have dependencies. Our proposed system for information collection, storage and presentation is implemented in a company which manufactures ATM machines. The organization has a Sales Team which is responsible for collecting information about the customizations to suit the client’s requirements. The Product Customization Capturing Document (PCCD) contains information about all such customizations for a particular Factory Fitted Kit (FFK).Each ATM machine is identified with a class number and each class has several FFKs which have their own Kit numbers. For complex tasks like adding additional hardware and features, the PCCD contains detailed assembly instructions along with images. Since multiple personnel may be involved, an appropriate version control mechanism is implemented. The changes made to the PCCD need to be recorded with date/time and the author as Revision history. The PCCD is generated as a PDF report which the FFK Team reviews and sends to the Manufacturing Plant. The Engineers at the manufacturing plant analyze the PCCD and will either approve or reject it. If it is rejected, the FFK team modifies the PCCD and sends it for review again. Once the PCCD is accepted, the engineers use the instructions in the PCCD to implement the customization before delivering the product. The FFK team keeps track of the whole process until completion. All information regarding the PCCD is sensitive and can be misused. Our project makes the generation of the PCCD much easier and faster and is more secure than the existing method. Since a centralized database is used, the data can be accessed by the FFK Teams around the world and changes can be made remotely.

Keywords — PCCD, FFK, WOT, BOM.