In this paper, a control strategy for power management of islanded microgrid, using Solar-wind hybrid model, is proposed. The hybrid system includes four sources namely-photovoltaic (PV),wind energy systems(WES) ,super capacitor and battery unit that act as a voltage source which use an adaptive droop control to share the load with other sources while charging the battery. This hybrid system behaves like a Maximum Power Point tracker supplying the maximum power to the micro grid as long as it can suffice the load; else, the unit will automatically follow the changing load and the excess energy gets stored in the battery. Modifying the PV operating point and wind speed to match the load, whenever the PV and wind power output is higher than the load is the designed control strategy of the system. Along with functioning as a voltage source when the PV and wind power is unavailable, the battery and the super capacitor have additional functions, such as regulating the voltage and frequency. The PIC microcontroller gets input from all the four sources and connects the most appropriate source to the load, depending on the load fluctuations.

Battery storage, wind energy, supercapacitor, microgrid, photovoltaic (PV), power management, PIC microcontroller.