One of the major problems for an aircraft to encounter in the air is the birds. The bird strike creates a damage to the aircraft components that, requires billons to be spent on annually. Sometimes it costs lives of people too. The severity of the damage is based on the amount of pressure that is exerted by the bird on the aircraft component (likely propeller blades, leading edges, etc.). This paper is based on the study of bird strike effect on a rigid plate using LS-DYNA coding and to measure the temporal pressure variation on the plate. A rigid circular section is considered for the plate. For a bird model two types of sections are considered, one is cylinder with hemispherical ends and the other is elliptical shape. Using LS-DYNA coding both the bird models are allowed to hit the rigid circular plate to its centre at 0 angle of impact. From that the analysis is done and the temporal pressure variations are measured radially to the plate. The results are displayed graphically.

Keywords LS-DYNA, Temporal pressure, Bird strike, Rigid plate, Impact.